• VIVO Ballet was founded in 2015 by Artistic Director, Enzo Celli, and General Manager of the VIVO Ballet Professional Training Center, Fulvio Pallisco. The team that launched VIVO Ballet was completed when Associate Artistic Director, Elisabetta Minutoli, and Communications Director, Marco Sabbatini later joined. The founding team established two entities: VIVO Ballet, a New York based dance company, and the VIVO Ballet Profession al Training Center based in Rome. Since its conception in 2015, VIVO Ballet has performed in international festivals in the USA, France, Portugal, Switzerland, and Italy. With roots in Rome, the company sprouted within the Professional Training Center and then located to a more permanent home in New York City. In 2018 VIVO Ballet presents itself as New York based contemporary dance company with a complete cast of 12 dancers.

    Only one year after the company's establishment in New York, the company is experiencing a moment of radical change and strong growth. Artistic Director Enzo Celli joined the main roster of Jodi Kaplan & Associates, a new cast of dancers make up the company, and above all VIVO re-creates itself around entry into the management team of Valerio Veltroni and Cristina Ramella. The company therefore creates a new organizational structure focused on a new wide-ranging interdisciplinary cultural project.
    VIVO Ballet is committed to producing and presenting contemporary work that physicalizes the emotional ardor of the human experience.
    The company pursues this goal by offering accessibility to the performing arts not just as a physical attendance, but as a visceral experience.
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Enzo Celli

Founder, Artistic Director

Elisabetta Minutoli

Founder, Associate Artistic Director

Valerio Veltroni

Founder, General Manager

Cristina Ramella

Founder, School Director

Nikki Holck

Artist Associate

Michael Wright

Artist Associate

Fulvio Pallisco

Founder VIVO 2015 - Former General Manager

Marco Sabbatini

Founder VIVO 2015 - Former Communication Manager